OnePlus 9 \u0026 9 Pro REVIEW
DON'T buy this Smartphone.
2 maanden geleden
Beware of Fake Reviewers! ⚠️
What happened to Beats by Dre?
blacksheep shepherd
blacksheep shepherd 16 uur geleden
Great work and effort put into your videos.
NOOBISTIC 16 uur geleden
Nah samsung still better
Awesh Bhornya
Awesh Bhornya 16 uur geleden
As usual amazing video
itspenguinplays5 roblox gaming
itspenguinplays5 roblox gaming 16 uur geleden
its funny because a lot of it is gaming and tech lol
Success Obaretin
Success Obaretin 16 uur geleden
The S21 Ultra is still better, that's the fact .
Aman Bisi
Aman Bisi 16 uur geleden
Or got killed itself...
Success Obaretin
Success Obaretin 16 uur geleden
I love your videos
Nioh 16 uur geleden
No matter who ever wins I will always get a samsumg galaxy note yeah they said they weren't making them anymore but they will
Josh Blade
Josh Blade 16 uur geleden
AlON would be my ideal smartphone finish.
ronnie ferrer
ronnie ferrer 16 uur geleden
This is a chinese phone backed by chinese communist military. Big NO for me, I love my privacy and freedom!
Senpai 16 uur geleden
Fun fact don't sub to the ppl that say I will subscribe to you if you reply to my comment cus your channel will die faster if you do that Because they aren't going to watch your videos
Thierry Boulette
Thierry Boulette 16 uur geleden
14:28 ah, the implications! *it's always sunny *
Mario Viñas
Mario Viñas 16 uur geleden
Mine didn't came with stickers I feel robbed
MentalPasient 16 uur geleden
xiaomi is just huawei in new skin. still a CCP tool
Thierry Boulette
Thierry Boulette 16 uur geleden
14:13 but why?!
Jason Stevenson
Jason Stevenson 16 uur geleden
Come on, UNO 101: That was a Reverse, not a WILD card. Seriously though, great information dude!
ronnie ferrer
ronnie ferrer 16 uur geleden
Whatever you say, this is a chinese phone, backed by chinese communist military. Big NO for me, I love my privacy and freedom!
Απροσδιόριστο Κενό
Απροσδιόριστο Κενό 16 uur geleden
MIUI is better than vanilla android.
Code-BloodedYT 16 uur geleden
I kind of had a feeling Google would win because it is connected directly to Google and can provide all the instant-answer stuff.
shu 16 uur geleden
i honestly cant trust a guy who keeps comparing other phones with samsungs or apples as everytime a new samsung comes out... ya know.. ''the next big thing'' 10-15 other phones come out days to weeks later an kill it.... yet there it is still being compared.... or mentioned... or thrown in one way or another........ my zte axon pro had a better screen alone than most newer sams at the time by gets really annoying when people do this an say 'oh this phone in my hand is fantastic.. beats samsung on xxx.... BUT SAMSUNG IS BEST PHONE...... kiiinda contradictory there... just sayin
Eduardo Garcia
Eduardo Garcia 16 uur geleden
Subscribed to your channel!
Thierry Boulette
Thierry Boulette 16 uur geleden
12:25 that's what she said!
johnsann dacuag
johnsann dacuag 16 uur geleden
+1 sub from Philippines
Thierry Boulette
Thierry Boulette 16 uur geleden
11:30 reverso card!
Md βαhüł Islam
Md βαhüł Islam 16 uur geleden
15:26 WTf it is not stable and don't say that again that it's bug free I am using 9T pro and experiencing alot of bugs.
Jimmie Montgomery
Jimmie Montgomery 16 uur geleden
1 £ tablet that’s what I call cheep
Passive VII
Passive VII 16 uur geleden
“Killed Samsung” you can’t kill something when your phone doesn’t work on most of America’s cellphone services so ya Samsung is still better
Damian Chiliński
Damian Chiliński 16 uur geleden
Android Auto doesn't work for me with this phone
Arab Men
Arab Men 16 uur geleden
7:00 that's kinda sus
SMS TOMO 16 uur geleden
where did u keep all the gadget? 🤔🤔
Edwin Corona
Edwin Corona 16 uur geleden
11 Pro Max con 20% de batería duro 2 horas S21Ultra 20% de batería le duro 1 hora
4th Density
4th Density 16 uur geleden
Thanx, Who's da Boz. I like thy style..
Radib 77
Radib 77 16 uur geleden
I eat samsungs for breakfast hahaha lol
Thierry Boulette
Thierry Boulette 16 uur geleden
4:12 oj!
Jordi Quiroga
Jordi Quiroga 16 uur geleden
Ohh, smooth entrance the flying phone lol
Lenard Santos
Lenard Santos 16 uur geleden
Hi Mrwhosetheboss, uhm can you give one of your phones as a gift?, Cause' my phone have so much ghost touch I can no longer use it properly, I can't buy a new one because of the pandemic ☹️
Kevin Holcomb
Kevin Holcomb 17 uur geleden
Even with all that Xiaomi has "brought to the table" with it's MI 11Ultra.... I still would choose the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra for how good it's camera system is. IF Huawei was still able to use Google services pre-installed on it's newest phones.... Then my current P30 Pro would most likely be upgraded to the upcoming P50 Pro. Thanks for your videos! 😁👍
PGM Studios — GachaPauloPlayz
PGM Studios — GachaPauloPlayz 17 uur geleden
5:03 Seriously, I'm being rickrolled... AGAIN
Mark GB
Mark GB 17 uur geleden
The reason i buy Xiaomi is the quality and price point. But now the spec and the price are so close to Samsung that there is little difference, it doesn't matter. I'm still not buying a phone that expensive. A swing and a miss Xiaomi, Next......
Thierry Boulette
Thierry Boulette 17 uur geleden
Cheryl Hamilton
Cheryl Hamilton 17 uur geleden
Fascinatingly interesting. A tad scary. With these small waves going through nearly everything. Add the transmitters in furniture, kitchens, bathrooms,... the will be no avoiding so much exposure to them.
Konan Amegakure
Konan Amegakure 17 uur geleden
0:57 Thats what she said. LOL -
Carvar Staf
Carvar Staf 17 uur geleden
Is wallet is shacking
Kokica Langarec
Kokica Langarec 17 uur geleden
Not with that hole in the display baby ... never
Andy Cawd
Andy Cawd 17 uur geleden
hey Arun great job as usual 💪💪 what about the poco f3??
salt pepper
salt pepper 17 uur geleden
not if you cant use it in USA
Jabbo 8
Jabbo 8 17 uur geleden
When The Fone Iz Sussy !!😳😳😳😳😱😱😱😱🥵🥵🥵👎🆘👇😅😳🤦‍♂️👍🥔🤔🤦‍♂️👍🥵😐🤪🤔😭👍😱😱😱😂😂😂🤪
Yordy Luna
Yordy Luna 17 uur geleden
Without investments, how do you think the rich would have existed?
Martin James
Martin James 16 uur geleden
Believe me his the best broker when it's comes to crypto investment
Zachary Bentley
Zachary Bentley 16 uur geleden
I invest above $19000 every week with Jackson and I made huge profit.
Jason Sawyer
Jason Sawyer 16 uur geleden
I invest above $19000 every week with Jackson and I made huge profit.
Sandrine Fortin
Sandrine Fortin 16 uur geleden
Y'all are right. Jackson is Brownsville's best
Elizabeth King
Elizabeth King 16 uur geleden
I'm happy to see y'all talk about Jackson Sebastian. A lot of people said JTS was for more better than Jackson's system but now they've seen it. He's Brownsville best
Kiro Sturm
Kiro Sturm 17 uur geleden
US affiliate link does not work... or is it not up anymore?
Lady D
Lady D 17 uur geleden
Am I the only person that prefers the whole photo be in focus rather than having blurred backgrounds?
shashank naruka
shashank naruka 17 uur geleden
I used to think notch was disgusting, now everyone's using it. So when I say this looks terrible, don't take my worda seriously
Sgt. Lagger LP
Sgt. Lagger LP 17 uur geleden
If Sony phones wouldnt have 21:9 Screens :/
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden 17 uur geleden
More cameras and microphones for convenient govt ease dropping....while you're on the toilet.
EDWING CRUZ BELLO 17 uur geleden
Reid Mattox
Reid Mattox 17 uur geleden
I'd be afraid of sitting down with that Vivo in my pocket
DeeBee 17 uur geleden
Joshua Wilcox
Joshua Wilcox 17 uur geleden
How can this beautiful man rick roll us so much
FreeTris 17 uur geleden
He rickrolls every vid 😆
Nico Villa
Nico Villa 17 uur geleden
When they hit the first phone at the beginning of the video my phone ran out of batteries and I literally thought my phone got hit by the golf club and they charged it and realize that it just ran out of batteries
Josh Sutton
Josh Sutton 17 uur geleden
NLposts rewind happened, not by youtube but mrbeast
Thomas 17 uur geleden
among us phone
rick dees
rick dees 17 uur geleden
I'll never pay $1,200 for a phone, I'll never pay >$200 for a phone. I'd NEVER use whatever the extra price provides which I am totally in the dark about. I make calls mostly and access the internet, w/ occasional pictures.
Gerry Alas
Gerry Alas 17 uur geleden
I think the real ultra is samsung s21 film making and stabilization
Shahidul Islàm
Shahidul Islàm 17 uur geleden
Good camera 📸
Skelolion 17 uur geleden
UniQ Edit
UniQ Edit 17 uur geleden
Xiaomi is the best phone.. who's with me?
Jermal Cromartie Presents
Jermal Cromartie Presents 17 uur geleden
why mention only 51% of the people who watched are unsubscribed? does it affect your channel's growth? Are they, frequent viewers or just here for a few reviews? If they are in the market for a phone I can see people watch a couple of your reviews and disappear until they're back in the market. If I only watch a few of your videos every 2+ years I need a new phone then I don't see the need to subscribe.
Ritik Agarwal
Ritik Agarwal 17 uur geleden
I'd still go for the Samsung tho
Tosit udgata
Tosit udgata 17 uur geleden
wildfire -s
wildfire -s 17 uur geleden
i love xiaomi until it's become taller and taller. my last xiaomi was redmi note 8.
João Vitor Martins Ferreira
João Vitor Martins Ferreira 17 uur geleden
I think its amazing how u can talk about the technical parts and still make it entertaining. You have huge charisma and we can notice how much of effort you put into your work.
moumn gad
moumn gad 17 uur geleden
I bought the Mi11 based on your recommendation,but it was a waste of money. It's full of bugs, non responsive to touch a lot of times, camera with insta was very very bad
Micheilla Shane Delos Santos
Micheilla Shane Delos Santos 17 uur geleden
Pls guys subscribe
Aden 17 uur geleden
Your intros are actually getting insane
LinuxTheMan 17 uur geleden
Xiaomi be like: I used the Samsung display to beat the Samsung display
SOur Moon
SOur Moon 17 uur geleden
Soon this phone company would get better and the phones will be awesome
Micheilla Shane Delos Santos
Micheilla Shane Delos Santos 17 uur geleden
Review the Oppo A94
Mufrat Hamza
Mufrat Hamza 17 uur geleden
Ur name is aauuuroon not aron what's wrong with you buddy