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Tirupathi Raparthi
Tirupathi Raparthi 3 uur geleden
I phone 12 pro
Aleksandra Kuzmicka
Aleksandra Kuzmicka 3 uur geleden
Could you share these photos so we could download them and compare on desktop? Bigger and without video/NLposts compression 🙏 Now it’s really hard to see the differences 🧐
Justin Hamilton
Justin Hamilton 3 uur geleden
Lmaooo imagine having a phone that can be bricked by a single pixel, this comment brought to you by LG gang
Edward Shams
Edward Shams 3 uur geleden
My "LUCK" sucks coz i have tried alot of giveaways but never got any from anywhere 😂😂😂hoping i can get one here❤
Rezina Khan
Rezina Khan 3 uur geleden
Timothy Wamoto
Timothy Wamoto 3 uur geleden
A true inspiration. I Really look up to you Arun.
Furor Gaming
Furor Gaming 4 uur geleden
Im the poor guy...
Ant Boogie
Ant Boogie 4 uur geleden
Seems like every year for almost every flagship phone, the focus is how much they've upgraded the camera... at this point, how much better as consumers do we need it to be? And if you do need it better, at this point just buy yourself a professional camera
chandru chandru
chandru chandru 4 uur geleden
Tom Finochio
Tom Finochio 4 uur geleden
Same old crap... Just twice the price...
Rumen Naidenov
Rumen Naidenov 4 uur geleden
The best iPhone camera review on the internet. I am photographer and the picture quality is important for me. I will be wait to see iPhone 12 pro max improovent to the other 12's. I like your videos. Keep walking...
Mallesh Chary
Mallesh Chary 4 uur geleden
I literally wanna win that beast iphone 12 .. Its really a iphone time all d way
Mics Morales
Mics Morales 4 uur geleden
LordxSamax i will sub to you now hope you get this notification
Isaac Hoeo
Isaac Hoeo 4 uur geleden
Him: do you love me Siri just rejected him : there is many type of love but ours just as friend
Versed 4 uur geleden
Cool Boy 2442
Cool Boy 2442 4 uur geleden
I want the music video
Raphaël descamps
Raphaël descamps 4 uur geleden
Tv screens are used like this because they aren't transparent, getting a transparent tv screen surely changes how you perceive the placement of your tv
Ranvir 4 uur geleden
You guys must be thinking where is the Iphone Mini. I just knew from my secret sources that Iphone Mini is so small it can't be seen with naked eyes and only can be looked upon by a microscope. Pretty sure Arun bought one but lost it. Its the Apple nanotech technology.
ÇHÀØŚ PŚŶÇHØ 4 uur geleden
Oohh i wish i win the giveaway and btw my last entry wasn’t working😕😕But yea i wish i win cz i never won a giveaway and imagine winning an iphone 12🤩😵Plz Arun if u see this lemme win plz🥺🥺
Badhan Saha
Badhan Saha 4 uur geleden
Inspired from Ashish Chanchlani 😂♥️🔥 Indians who know him like here 👇
saleh 4 uur geleden
lmao loooool
RedStone Plays
RedStone Plays 4 uur geleden
I lose my phone every time i put it down so no thank you
althaf faiZi
althaf faiZi 4 uur geleden
:) It would be awesome if you could help me by considering me in your final giveaway list, (even) a best budget smartphone would be massively appreciated. I can't even get to you giveaway page for participation. Am so sorry for this awkward giveaway participating comment. It's...the situation so bad:( Hope you understand. Peace😇.
Daniel Mulenga Mwango
Daniel Mulenga Mwango 4 uur geleden
The background song is the only reason why I watched this video.
Globe Films
Globe Films 4 uur geleden
Looks like a pp
Animesh Hawladar
Animesh Hawladar 4 uur geleden
I can relay on your Tech News cause it explains everything needed for video that is only 10 mins, GOOD JOB !
Irish Sabs
Irish Sabs 4 uur geleden
I hope I win your iPhone giveaway! It will very useful on my online class! Thank you in advanve. Have a good day! 😊❤️
Timothy Wamoto
Timothy Wamoto 4 uur geleden
ROHIT DADWAL 4 uur geleden
And u know Hindi ?
Seunfunmi 4 uur geleden
I don't see a difference ☺️
ROHIT DADWAL 4 uur geleden
Wow bro nice video
Polly ThePengiun
Polly ThePengiun 4 uur geleden
I’m not surprised by googled performance. I mean come on. They literally created a whole search engine. An AI assistant shouldn’t be that hard to get info from that engine. Siri impressed me because people always shit on it but clearly it’s come a long way and has done pretty well.
Zak Tesla
Zak Tesla 4 uur geleden
Why do you take your face like that? It looks so bad, it's not you. Just take a normal picture of your face dude
Tushar Wadhwani
Tushar Wadhwani 4 uur geleden
The i11pro predicted the design of iphone 12 😳😳😳😳
fatso yes
fatso yes 4 uur geleden
I Can't Do the giveaway bc I'm overseas
Aesthetic Blue
Aesthetic Blue 4 uur geleden
I have an iPhone X and they didn’t give me apple stickers :(
Abhimanyu jain
Abhimanyu jain 4 uur geleden
You forgot about how the nextbit robin had a plastic build and was easily broken, so you couldn't put it in your back pocket. Especially if you are American. You also forgot that the Microsoft Kin lacked basic features such as Wi-Fi and GPS
Lia Cadea
Lia Cadea 4 uur geleden
Yo i got a galaxy ad before this
Trash Samsung
Trash Samsung 4 uur geleden
120W!That's not environmental friendly. 🍎🍎🍎
Nyxie Chan
Nyxie Chan 4 uur geleden
Age 30 is the best age to die
Aesthetic Blue
Aesthetic Blue 4 uur geleden
I have an iPhone but damn you gonna give those away??? 😭🤚
Narendra Kohli
Narendra Kohli 4 uur geleden
😔why I can't make a enter in giveaway I want the iphone 12 😢😢😢
Anshul stars
Anshul stars 4 uur geleden
Amazing phone
Divanz 3
Divanz 3 4 uur geleden
Do a moto g stylus vs moto g power
evie tha cat
evie tha cat 4 uur geleden
14:55 😐 ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Aesthetic Blue
Aesthetic Blue 4 uur geleden
So are you like rich or somethin-
Jatin Vashisht
Jatin Vashisht 4 uur geleden
Henlo 4 uur geleden
Finish with the giveaway, hope I can change my old iphone 6s 😭🤣
Diana k
Diana k 4 uur geleden
Funny how you made this video, and I that I had an Huawei for 3 years wanted to change next to Samsung when I'll buy a new phone
Rise Lord Ninja
Rise Lord Ninja 4 uur geleden
Best app list create please
Aravind Mohan
Aravind Mohan 4 uur geleden
Are you malayali @mrwhosetheboss
Plasma.Oscsoi 4 uur geleden
Hey dude, I know you probably won’t see this, but my birthday is coming up and I could use a new phone ( I am currently using the 5s), anyway I love your content and if you see this please think about giving me one of the 12’s for a present, but if you don’t want to I’ll just enter the giveaway, have a good day :)
Rise Lord Ninja
Rise Lord Ninja 4 uur geleden
Awesome sr
Dante Crombie
Dante Crombie 4 uur geleden
I love all of your videos I really how I win the giveaway so that I can have my first phone because we have never had enough money for one.
m̸e̸r̸r̸y̸ j̸a̸n̸e̸ r̸e̸g̸u̸l̸a̸a̸r̸
m̸e̸r̸r̸y̸ j̸a̸n̸e̸ r̸e̸g̸u̸l̸a̸a̸r̸ 4 uur geleden
The most useful phones 1 iphoneYpassionfruit 2 iphone 12 3 iphone 11 4 vivo y20 edit: I laugh so hard 😂😂😂
M & A Kids
M & A Kids 4 uur geleden
When will you do the gone away winer
Agarwal Raghav
Agarwal Raghav 4 uur geleden
Idk why but this new outro puts a smile on my face every time I watch it, great job arun..
Tudor Gavriluta
Tudor Gavriluta 4 uur geleden
Just registered for the iPhone 12 giveaway! Good luck anybody!
Areeb 10
Areeb 10 4 uur geleden
R A I N Y D R O P 4 uur geleden
#11:Xiaomi's miui ads Me how has a Xiaomi Redi note 8t:👁️👄👁️
Iman Sufyan
Iman Sufyan 4 uur geleden
There is no iphone 9 because 7 8 9 For those who dont understand it means 7 ate 9
Punjabi Munda
Punjabi Munda 4 uur geleden
Very good
『 ЯiΖΞΝ 』
『 ЯiΖΞΝ 』 4 uur geleden
Very nice explained 👌💯
gut the beech
gut the beech 4 uur geleden
nobodys talking about the fact that the cameras shaped like a peepee i am Disappointed with this community
Sherwin Bilbao
Sherwin Bilbao 4 uur geleden
Helow im from Philippines and. Im also like all yours video in YT CHANNEL and im so happy to watch i hope you can givi me anny iPhone because mag phone is really lag and ugly ........
Sparky_ OP
Sparky_ OP 4 uur geleden
Something inside me would be dystopic for me because, just imagine if someone hack this all device he will able to controll all people
Alok Bansode
Alok Bansode 4 uur geleden
I love your videos , And I'm getting practice of my english buts I have one Question that I don't think You will give any phone to me because , I have not won a single giveaway all those are fake ? I think, still I have done 6 entries but I don't think you will give it to me
Nany 4 uur geleden
Apple Iphones are treat😍😍
celebrity lifestyle 2020
celebrity lifestyle 2020 4 uur geleden
i have been using my j2 galaxy more than 5 years .i don't think that i would win because you have more than 5 million people .plz may you give me this iphone 12 pro max as your family or fan
Florian Illing
Florian Illing 4 uur geleden
Batterygate was definetly a lie and not a try to help its users or they would have given users the choice or be completly opened about it
Aniket Bhoite
Aniket Bhoite 4 uur geleden
2:14...n he is full-time youtuber now🙄
Computing& Gaming
Computing& Gaming 4 uur geleden
All phones are good. Its a question of how good you take care of them and people like you will never understand that there isn't such a thing as a throwaway phone a bad phone !!!!
tito mano
tito mano 4 uur geleden
Usmaan Mahmood
Usmaan Mahmood 4 uur geleden
It sucks when there’s a giveaway but you’re a millennial without Twitter or Instagram 🤦‍♂️ haha.
Gervinho 4 uur geleden
Click bait video. 😪
_AIRIL_ 4 uur geleden
Samsung literally trying very hard to beat Apple
Zeshan Javed
Zeshan Javed 4 uur geleden
I feel like an exclusive fan of you man 💖
JxdezEU 4 uur geleden
dude u sound so posh
Az Hoodieman
Az Hoodieman 4 uur geleden
Onkar Gade
Onkar Gade 4 uur geleden
I want to gift his voice to my assistant.